The Perfect Pair: Long Necklaces and Cardigans

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The Perfect Pair: Long Necklaces and Cardigans

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The fall temperatures have officially set in, and with cooler weather comes warmer clothes. While most opt for sweaters and jackets, my personal favorite fall fashion accessory is a long, soft cardigan. Cardigans can warm up any look and add an element of layering to your outfit. But what’s even better than long cardigans? You guessed it – long necklaces! These two accessories pair perfectly together to create a stylish fall ensemble.

This Moda Al Massimo multi-strand necklace is the perfect pop of gold. The larger accents and glass beads add a hint of color, making this necklace and cardigan combo ideal for a cool night out with friends.

Moda BEC952 BellaLuce DOCK77Y MoissaniteFire MOS637_1

And speaking of color, we are loving this vibrant look! We’ve paired this gorgeous coral cardigan with a bold, pearl simulant necklace. The soft ivory and blush hues of these pearls adds a cool, yet contemporary feel. Add some earrings and a bracelet to match, and you’re good to go!

OffPark OPC391N VannaK DOCLH2_3

One trend we’re falling for this season are denim tops and cardigans. This casual, yet chic look is perfect for work or a day out with family. Spice it up with some simplistic jewelry like this drop gold necklace and classic gold chain for a fun layered look!

SplendidoOro GSO921 OffPark OPJ1271B_4

Looking for something bold, yet beautiful? One of our favorite combos is classic, muted colors with bold statement pieces. We’ve decide to pair a light brown cardigan with this gorgeous and stunning roman glass pendant. With something this eye-catching, you’re sure to turn heads!

VannaK ArtisanIsrael BellaLuce ISL314 VKB812 DOCLH2_5

In need of the perfect Thanksgiving fashion accessory? This Artisan of Turkey drop  necklace will have the whole family talking! The gorgeous brown, cognac stone and golden details let this piece speak for itself. With a necklace this unique, it only takes a few simple accessories to pull this Turkey Day look together!

BellaLuce DOCK77Y ArtisanTurkey TRK089 MoissaniteFire MOS637_2

Last but not least, we end this blog with my personal favorite piece. While we love a fun statement piece, a layered look, and a multi-strand necklace, it’s hard to say no to the classic pearl necklace. This gold and freshwater pearl necklace is a stunning standalone piece. So much so, in fact, that any colored cardigan would look great with this necklace!

VannaK Pearl CPL211 VKB812 CPL239B DOCLH2_6

So, while the weather continues to cool down and the sweaters start to come out of the closet, remember to show your cardigans some love this season. Pair them with one (or two!) of our gorgeous necklaces and treat yourself to a fun, new holiday look!

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